artist and vibrational healer



Creatively working together for the transformation and wellbeing

of humanity one being at a time!


It is my desire to share with you and personally endorse these beautiful beings of light that are working

for the Awakening and en-lightenment of humanity in their own way. I myself have had the blessing to have

experienced what they each have to offer. We all have our own unique path to healing and expansion so that

we may experience our full potential, our natural wellbeing, our Divine purpose. Fortunately the many

approaches to healing are as diverse and creative as the individuals that desire support on their journey.

Here are some wonderful possibilities that include healers, visionaries, artists.


Elayna Shakur

Artist, Teacher (Beki's Mom)


Elayna Shakur has been an artist all her life - it’s a way of life. Her choice to become an art teacher is her way of sharing the joy and wonder of the art spirit she loves so much. From painting workshops in her home, to pastel portrait drawings done in public venues, to private portrait sessions in her studio, Elayna sees you and your

inner being and is able to capture it on paper or canvas.

Her current passion is painting “Outer Space”







IPPY Gold Award-winning author of Conversations With the Universe, in addition to Your Journey to Enlightenment and Your Journey to Love, SIMRAN SINGH creates experiences for individuals and audiences in expressing consciousness through storytelling, song, poetry and soul art. As a Rebel Humanitarian, she stretches the boundaries of the mind and heart enticing individuals into the unknown with bold truths and intriguing conversation.


Joanna Crowell

Poet, Playwright, Photographer, Actress, Creative Writing Workshop Facilitator and Nutrition Guru!

(Beki's Sister)


She is passionate about, and committed to a healthy lifestyle which revolves around eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods. She loves inspiring others to do the same!  Hence the name of her book of poems, "I Ate a Rainbow for Breakfast" is both literal and metaphorical.  In addition to all of her artistic endeavors, Joanna is the office manager for a wonderful wellness and internal medicine center called Remedy. Joanna's remedy is the law of attraction and deep connections through art. She is all about affirming wellbeing in herself and in others. She does this through her art, her food consultations, her poetry, her photography and her performances.,


Adaire Petrichor

End-of-Life Doula.


Adaire is an End-of-Life Doula who has been trained in the art of contemplative compassionate care for those facing a life altering diagnosis, or terminal illness. An end-of-life doula is a non-medical caregiver who offers support, advocacy and education to family and friends. Her care is both inclusive and holistic in nature, offering physical, spiritual and emotional care on every level. Contemplative meditation and centering prayer, creating sacred spaces, legacy work, story telling, relationship and healing practices when combined with clinical education and support help us move towards a peaceful death for ourselves and those around us. Video and phone consultation and ongoing support is possible for those living outside the Ohio area. An initial phone consultation is offered at no charge.




Vanessa Mendes

Wellness and Happiness Facilitator

 Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher


Through the "Alchemy of Hands' I express and offer healing and love by bringing together  synergistic creative approaches to cultivate openness, gratitude and the roots of health by nourishing community.

 I believe that coming together in community is essential for our blossoming. I offer sacred ritual bread making ceremonies, based on the ancient tradition handed down by my family in my native land of Brazil. I bring a powerful element of energy healing to my massages and love the community experience in the teaching of yoga. All this and more are a part of the Alchemy I create with my hands for the magical transformation of community! 843-301-4696

Chrystal Franks

Reiki Master, Teacher, Akashic Record Consultant


Group, Couples or Individual Sessions

Raindrop Reiki, Aroma Reiki, Reiki Reflexology, Reiki-Record Combo, Akashic Record Consultation, Guided Visualizations,

Spiritual and Nutrition Guidance


 James Himm Mitchell, MA

Intuitive Counselor.


Specialties: Dream Decoding and Oracle Readings

(Tarot, Lenormand, and Angel Cards)


I use oracles as tools for clarity, guidance and self-improvement.

My work is designed to help you see your situations and

experiences from multiple angles, which allows you to

choose the best course of action and move forward.

My work with dreams and oracles share the same goal:

to give you more insight into who you are, and further

your personal and spiritual growth and development.


Phone: 843-708-2199





 Hanna Nicole

Wellness Coach/Educator, Qigong, Personal Chef


I live in Port Townsend, WA. I teach Food-Based Healing - a simple and broad curriculum that is focused on specific foods for specific disease reversal and healing; what these foods are, how they work in the body, and how to prepare them for yourself and your loved ones.

I work as a Wellness Coach and Educator; in person, online, or over the phone.  I also offer my services as a Personal Chef, and Event Caterer.  Along with my Healing Foods passion and work - I also teach Qigong. Qigong is an Energy discipline for all ages and body types, designed to re-establish a connection with the Self, increase LifeForce, and Heal the Body.  These two areas of Self Healing have been my personal work and my teachings for over 10 years.  How can I serve you?  Contact me via email, phone, or FB.

(Yes, I Travel for these Services)    tel:407-683-6940

27 Broad Street Charleston SC 29401     843 853 9510


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