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Beki was born in the US and grew up in Canada and the Bahamas. She has spent the majority of her adult life in Charleston, SC where she has raised her three beautiful sons with her life partner in love and business, Sherman Evans. She opened her first business when she was 19 in Charleston's downtown open market, where she sold her handmade jewelry and tie-dye clothing. As the business expanded in product and vision, she and her husband decided to open Utopia, a gallery and boutique with urban contemporary fashions, as well as her own art. It continues to be the vehicle through which she is able to create beauty, self expression, freedom and flexibility, connection with the community, and a livelihood for her and her family.


Beki has exhibited her art worldwide with solo shows focusing on the feminine principle, birth, and our sensual, sexual nature as humans and how it relates to the Divine Self.  Her work is truly a reflection of this union of the human and the Divine expressed in the bold, vibrant, sensual images of our inner and outer landscapes. She has explored innovative approaches to share her art that go beyond the traditional gallery/exhibition approach with the desire to really reach the viewer at a deeper more visceral level. She collaborated with her sister, Joanna Crowell in creating a multi media show, using huge projections of images of her and their mother's  Elayna Shakur paintings, that interacted with the words and performance of Joanna's powerful poetry. This was a beautiful experience that was inspired by another multisensory collaboration with a jazz band, Gradual Lean, some years before. Exploring new ways to express, experience and evolve with her art has been and exciting journey. Her artistic evolution has mirrored her spiritual unfolding as she has navigated life filled with all the many roles and identities that have facilitated her growth and expansion.


"In my own desire for wellbeing, freedom and expansion, I came across the Bach Flower Essences, a form of vibrational medicine that addresses the mental and emotional conditions that cause suffering and dis-ease. Having always had a natural desire and aptitude for helping people with their own inner wellbeing and expansion, I was elated to find a modality to help others experience profound transformation and marveled at the way in which it perfectly reflected the energy of my art. I realized that I had been painting 'flower essences' for over 20 years!


I have been divinely guided to integrate several healing modalities for a dynamic and synergistic approach to spiritual evolution and healing and feel deeply honored to be able to share these tools of transformation with others. Combining the Flower Therapy with Reiki and consulting the Akashic Records, to access the SOUL for the purpose of creating Soul Portraits is the innovative and exciting culmination of all that life has cultivated within me to this point. It truly feels like my life purpose, and I am full of joy and gratitude to be able to share it with you. For it is my greatest desire to help others to Awaken to their True self, as I continue to evolve in my own divine Awakening!"










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