artist and vibrational healer

You are a Divine Being of Light, One with the Universe!

As you Awaken to your True Self you will experience the passion of your Inner Fire

and know the Peace that is the essence of your Soul.




...painting from the

Soul for the Soul


The artwork of Beki has it origins

in the sensual warmth of the Bahamas, where she spent her high school years, and truly

delved into her love of painting. She was inspired by the people, the land, the sea, and the art,

with all the vibrant, bold,

intensity of color and energy.

As she evolved her work

reflected the inner landscapes

of humanity and her own experiences as a woman and mother, as well as her deep relationship with the Divine. She believes that our sensual, sexual nature as humans is the access point for the divine creative energy that pulsates within all beings and connects us to our spiritual nature. Her art is a beautiful, expansive expression

of this truth...more















                 SOUL ART




Through the sacred process of consulting the personal

Akashic Record of the client,

Beki is able to call forth your

Soul and channel a visual expression of what the soul

wants you to see and relate to

for the purpose of bringing alignment and guidance

for the divine evolution and expansion of your being.
















Vibrational Healer

In service to the Divine


Vibrational methods of healing strive to create

the optimal conditions for healing to occur organically within the being by facilitating

alignment with our Divine Soul Self,

restoring us to our natural state of wellbeing.

I have had a lifetime of channeling the Divine through my art, developing a rich relationship

with It for my own spiritual Awakening. Now I am called to expand by sharing with others my connection with the Divine and the wisdom It

has cultivated in me, not just with my art, but with the Flowers Essences, Reiki and Soul Portraits.


























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